Spring Skin Revival Tips

Spring is here! But I’ll bet you didn’t take care of your skin last winter.  You didn’t, did you?  That’s okay, I’m not going to judge you (much).  But, what I am going to do is give you a few tips on how to get your skin ready for those short, skin showing, skirts and dresses that I know you have been dying to wear, ever since the thermometer dipped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, last year.


Soak In The Tub

It’s important to soak in the tub because soaking softens the layers of dead skin. 



Now that you have softened all those layers of dead skin, it’s time to slough them off.  The best way to do that is by using:


  • A Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is used primarily for feet because it’s much too hardcore for the skin on the other parts of your body.


  • A Loofah

Now, a loofah, on the other hand, is perfect for the skin on the other parts of your body.  Just add a little soap to it and scrub away those dead, lackluster, skin cells.


  • Scrub

Just take a handful of our sugar scrub, girl.




This is optional.  But, if you want to have the ultimate in healthy, glowing skin, use a light oil as a moisturize. But, you wont need to if you use our body exfoliants.




Get out there and show off your softer, glowing skin.  You deserve the attention you’re gonna get.



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