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  • Why Should I Soak In A Moon Luv Bath Soak?

    One frequently asked question here at Moon Luv is why they should use a  Moon Luv Bath Soak. So, why should you soak in our bath soaks, you ask?  You should soak in Moon Luv Bath soaks because our bath soaks are like deconstructed bath bombs with an added touch of opulence. Moon Luv Bath Soaks are the best soaks in the market. We only blend virgin oils, pure clays & raw butters into hand crushed dead sea salts to provide you with an ultimately luxuriously decadent at home spa experience.

    Our bath soaks are ph balanced & perfectly scented with essential oils. Our bath soaks are designed around a specific mood that we as women go through. For example, sometimes us girls, may need a little more love in our lives so we've designed Hibiscus Coconut Monoi Bath Soak to add more of an element of love to your life.This soak is Rose Quartz  infused because Rose Quartz is the stone that enhances your love energy. It's also the stone of beauty. So, you will feel uber loving & world's more beautiful while soaking in this beautiful soak.

    Another reason to use Moon Luv  Bath Soaks is because they actually work. Your skin will see immediate results starting with your first soak. Then, your skin will improve with each use. 

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