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  • Hey!!! You Have Any Menthols?

    We sure do!!! But not the smokable kind.  The kind that I am talking about this time is the kind that will help to cure what ails you.  Remember when your grandmother had that one salve that was go-to for whatever problem you had?  If you had a cold, she would rub that salve on it, give you a kiss & sent you off to bed.  If you fell down & skinned your knee, she would rub the same salve on it, give you a kiss & sent you off to bed.  If you were failing in school, she would rub that salve on your head.  If you had gotten your heart broken, she would rub salve on it & so on & so forth.

    In my family, that salve was Vick's vapor rub.  It seemed like every adult female member of my family had a secret stash and was already to rub its menthol vapor-ey goodness into child chests at the first sign of a cold, give a kiss & send us off to bed.  Then, almost magically by morning we would be cured (or so it seemed).

    Re| Store Bath Soak is inspired by that fond menthol memory.  It is chock full of the menthol that according to Livestrong, can relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of respiratory ailments pertaining to:

    • Congestion
    • Asthma
    • Colds
    • Flu
    • Bronchitis



    Menthol relieves the symptoms by thinning the mucous & expelling it right on out of there. The article also states that menthol can treat intestinal gas problems, alleviate headache pain.  So, maybe my grandmother was more ingenious than she was given credit for. 


    If you are looking for a cruelty-free, vegan option bath soak that is full of the congestion relieving menthol, then Re | Store Bath Soak is your only option.  It is also contains eucalyptus, ginger, & blue chammomile ( which will take your blues away & lull you off to sleep).



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  • Dead Skin Is Real

    Autumn is nigh, the air is getting drier & the air is getting thinner.  The fireplaces are spewing warm ashes to & fro.  However, the fireplaces arent the only places that ash can be found.  Darling, your skin is getting ashier & ashier by the day.  So, what are you going to do about it?  Keep reading & we will tell you exactly what youre going to do about it.



    Step 1:  Drink Lots Of Water

    Then drink some more.  Surely, all of my Moon Luvers out there should know by now how important drinking water is because all of the Moon Luv Skin Care blog posts begin with the importance of drinking water for the proper maintenance of a Moon Luv glow. But, each season requires massive amounts of water for different skin hydrating benefits.  In the fall, as the air begins to thin your sinuses & your skin begin to dry out.  So in order to have an optimal Moon Luv glow, drinking water is life.



    Step 2:  You Need To Nourish Your Skin

    Give your skin a little boost to keep glowing. Girl, you need to practice a little green beauty.  You can either do this by doing one of the following:

    (& we totally recommend this method ) eating lots of veggies such as avocadoes, apples, cruciferous veggies (steamed or raw), drinking lots of warm teas & consuming warming foods.  #govegan4life  #veganislife


    Take Supplements

    But you need to take electric whole food supplements such as:

    Dandelion  Liver Support

    Burdock  Uber Cleansing

    Acerola Berries Mega Anti-Aging just to name a few.


    Cheat Cheat & Cheat Some More!!!

    Moon Luv Renew Bath Soak is a great way to add nourishing healing benefits for your skin.


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  • Sexy Summer Skin Tips!!!

    Summer's here and I aint been on the court yet.  So, Ill hustle to the mall to get me a short set. But, before you get that short set (or romper) ask yourself this question, "Is my skin ready?"  If yes, great!  Keep up the good work.  If no, keep reading to find the steps to get and keep your skin sexy & summer ready.

    Step 1:

    The first step in getting your skin summer ready is to find a moisturizing cleanser that will not strip away your skin's natural oils while ridding your skin of  dirt and grime. You will need to rid your skin of the dirt and grime because you cannot effectively treat dirty skin.  Your treatment will only get absorbed by that icky layer of dirt and none of it will actually reach your skin resulting in an #epicfail.  


    Step Two:

    The second step is to gently exfoliate your skin using a gentle exfoliant such as Apres Sun Body Polish.  It is made without any harsh abrasives because you want to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin to rid it of any skin dulling dead skin cells.  You almost MUST rid your body of its dead skin because when the sun sun hits your it immediately begins tanning your top skin layer. If the top skin layer is already dry and it will flake off and leave you with an uneven, blotchy tan.  #eeew


    Step Three:

    The third step is to rub in a good natural oil such as Apres Sun Body Oil you dont want your new younger layer of skin to dry out and age prematurely.  So, you must give it the nourishment that it needs because the thirst really is real, especially in the summer time.


    Step Four:

    The fourth step is to apply sunscreen.  No matter what, never forego your sunscreen.


    Step Five:

    The last and most important step is to lay back and enjoy yourself.


    If you follow these steps correctly you be able to turn yourself into a beautiful bronzed babe all summer.

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  • Spring Skin Revival Tips

    Spring is here! But I’ll bet you didn’t take care of your skin last winter.  You didn’t, did you?  That’s okay, I’m not going to judge you (much).  But, what I am going to do is give you a few tips on how to get your skin ready for those short, skin showing, skirts and dresses that I know you have been dying to wear, ever since the thermometer dipped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, last year.


    Soak In The Tub

    It’s important to soak in the tub because soaking softens the layers of dead skin. 



    Now that you have softened all those layers of dead skin, it’s time to slough them off.  The best way to do that is by using:


    • A Pumice Stone

    A pumice stone is used primarily for feet because it’s much too hardcore for the skin on the other parts of your body.


    • A Loofah

    Now, a loofah, on the other hand, is perfect for the skin on the other parts of your body.  Just add a little soap to it and scrub away those dead, lackluster, skin cells.


    • Scrub

    Just take a handful of our sugar scrub, girl.




    This is optional.  But, if you want to have the ultimate in healthy, glowing skin, use a light oil as a moisturize. But, you wont need to if you use our body exfoliants.




    Get out there and show off your softer, glowing skin.  You deserve the attention you’re gonna get.



    Check out our blog post entitled, "The Importance of Having A Skin Care Routine for more natural skin care tips

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