Dead Skin Is Real

Autumn is nigh, the air is getting drier & the air is getting thinner.  The fireplaces are spewing warm ashes to & fro.  However, the fireplaces arent the only places that ash can be found.  Darling, your skin is getting ashier & ashier by the day.  So, what are you going to do about it?  Keep reading & we will tell you exactly what youre going to do about it.



Step 1:  Drink Lots Of Water

 Then drink some more.  Surely, all of my Moon Luvers out there should know by now how important drinking water is because all of the Moon Luv Skin Care blog posts begin with the importance of drinking water for the proper maintenance of a Moon Luv glow. But, each season requires massive amounts of water for different skin hydrating benefits.  In the fall, as the air begins to thin your sinuses & your skin begin to dry out.  So in order to have an optimal Moon Luv glow, drinking water is life.



Step 2:  You Need To Nourish Your Skin

Give your skin a little boost to keep glowing. Girl, you need to practice a little green beauty.  You can either do this by doing one of the following:

(& we totally recommend this method ) eating lots of veggies such as avocadoes, apples, cruciferous veggies (steamed or raw), drinking lots of warm teas & consuming warming foods.  #govegan4life  #veganislife


Take Supplements

But you need to take electric whole food supplements such as:

Dandelion  Liver Support

Burdock  Uber Cleansing

Acerola Berries Mega Anti-Aging just to name a few.


Cheat Cheat & Cheat Some More!!!

Moon Luv Renew Bath Soak is a great way to add nourish your skin.


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