Wandering Moon

Our Wandering Moon Series is for the girl on the go!  She is almost never at home but she still needs her skin to look absolutely amazing.  This set includes:

All Purpose Beauty Balm

This balm is good for taking off makeup and moisturizing your skin all over your body.  You can take this handy little jar with you where ever life decides to take you.


Facial Polish

This polish is perfect for when you need a quick skin rescuing remedy that has to tighten your skin and give a quick glow, so that you can get your shine on.


Natural Deodorant Powder

Just getting off of a long flight and your're smelling a little ripe?  No worries.  Our natural deodorant powder is exactly what you need to smell like the perfect flower that you are.


All of theproducts in this set are vegan and cruelty free just like any other set you will find on our site.


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