Apres Sun Body Polish

Apres Sun Body Polish is for use before you hit the beach.  It is based on the centuries old beauty rituals of the caribbean & smells of mango & pink grapefruit.  It is formulated primarily out of cornmeal so that it will be gentle to your skin while sloughing the dead skin cells away. Because it is uber important for your skin to have that perfect glowing, sun kissed look during the summer months we understand that it is very important to exfoliate the top layer of your skin to ensure that you will obtain an soft, even & passionate kiss from the sun sans the blotchiness from the dead skin that may later lake off.  This polish contains cocoa butter that will envelope your skin in nourishing UV protecting goodness. This body polish has almond oil, shea oil & ucaaba oil. This clean beauty cutie is also infused with citrine.  Which is the stone of Summer.  Citrine holds no negative energy, but energizes.  Its so full of positive energy that it transmutes any negative energy into the positive & sends it back to the sender, making it uber protecting.  Long live the Summer!