Apres Sun Summer Collection

Our Summer Natural Skin Care Collection is here!  This set is crafted to assist your skin in looking its sexy best while you're showing it off in short shorts and micro skirts and dresses and still need to keep your skin in its most natural skin perfection.

In the summertime, things are a lil bit hotter and a whole lot sexier.  So, we knew our skin care products had to match your skin's new, sexy summer needs.  Now, hold on to your bums because we have come up with a  Natural Skin Care Summer Series.  Our Summer Series includes our Apres Sun Body Polish, our Apres Sun Body Oil and our Apres Sun Bath Soak.

Our Apres Sun Body Oil is designed to go on before & after sunning & also after using our Apres Sun Bath Soak & Apres Sun Body Polish.  This oil goes on under your sunscreen and will provide your natural skin with much needed nutrients and anti aging properties that will help to keep your skin from drying out and  aging prematurely.is a natural body oil that is handcrafted to protect the skin on your body from the driest and hottest of summer weather. Shea oil is one of the main ingredients and is known to absorb the sun's rays at a SPF 6 level.  Another ingredient is buriti oil which is known to balance your skin's natural oils.  It also produces a cooling effect to your skin when applied, which makes it a wonderful ingredient for our summer oil.  This green beauty darling also contains raspberry seed oil that has a natural SPF of 28-40.  The ucaaba oil prevents the loss of moisture in your skin and are very effective anti-aging agents because of this.  This summer body oil will give you the most skin softening, skin nourishing after sun protection short of being in the shade.  No need for you to wait until summer to reap the benefits of this superb body oil, use this oil all throughout the year for skin nourishing protection against the elements.

Our Apres Sun Body Polish is for use before sunning to rid your your body of its dry skin cells and envelope your new skin in extra added moisture.  It is based on the centuries old beauty rituals of the caribbean & smells of mango & pink grapefruit.  It is formulated primarily out of cornmeal so that it will be gentle to your skin while sloughing the dead skin cells away. Because it is uber important for your skin to have that perfect glowing, sun kissed look during the summer months we understand that it is very important to exfoliate the top layer of your skin to ensure that you will obtain an soft, even & passionate kiss from the sun sans the blotchiness from the dead skin that may later lake off.  This polish contains cocoa butter that will envelope your skin in nourishing UV protecting goodness. This body polish has shea oil, babassu & ucaaba oils. 

Our Apres Sun Bath Soak is designed to use after sunning to add some of the moisture back into your skin that your skin may have lost during sun bathing and to also cool and soothe your skin.  Apres Sun Body Soak is perfect for soaking your gorgeous summer body before and after tanning.  We have incorporated cocoa butter for its known cooling, soothing & uber healing benefits.  This green beauty bath soak gem is also laden with aloe, which is also known to cool and heal sunburns. This soak will help to keep your skin soft and hydrated, while simultaneously, soothing your skin from some of the effects that the summer sun can have.

This clean beauty bath soak set is also infused with citrine.   Citrine is the very epitome of Summer, being that it holds the energy of the sun & holds no negative energy.  In fact, its so full of positive energy that it transmutes any negative energy into the positive & sends it back to the sender, making it uber protecting to your spirit & uber comforting as well.  Long live the Summer!

 Smells Like: Sweet Coconut Latte

Note: This product does not replace sunscreen.