About Moon Luv

Moon Luv is an all natural luxury bath soak & bath & body oil line that is vegan friendly, cruelty free (we are Leaping Bunny certified) and contains no parabens, sls, phthalates nor genetically modified ingredients and is dedicated to bringing you the best in luxury gemstone infused bath soaks in addition to vegan skin care.

Each of our bath soaks, bath oils & body polishes are crafted with the same premium ingredients that one would find in the most premium of facial skin care.  We go the extra skincare mile because we recognize the need for us, feminine creatures, to feel beautiful, loving, confident & powerful. We believe that to be physically beautiful we have to take as good care of the skin our bodies as we take care of the skin on our faces. Its important to treat the skin on your whole body as a whole body & not just take care of the skin on your face. We help you do that by infusing our products with the metaphysical healing properties of crystals, premium raw plant based ingredients & luv.


Our Mission:

"To provide our customers with bath & body products that soothe the mind & spirit as well as the skin through the use of the metaphysical properties of crystals & premium raw vegan ingredients sourced ethically from around the globe. We seek to help balance the feminine energy within all of us."

We go the extra skin care mile for our customers because we recognize the need for us, feminine creatures, to feel beautiful, loving, confident & powerful.  With all of the things that we have to do on a day-to-day basis, (like, running the children, the men, the world) we can sometimes lose sight of ourselves.  But, its important to put yourself first and pamper yourself and your skin. It is also equally as important to treat the skin on your body as well as you treat the skin on your face & what better way to do that than to relax in a soothing hot bath that will soothe your spirit as well as your skin.

Because we feel that most women have gotten so caught up in raising children, competing in the workplace & caring for everyone that we have forgotten to care for ourselves.  This is why you find a lot of women that are depressed and burned out & full of stagnated energy. lts due to the tendancy to give our best to others & save whatever is left for ourselves.  We tend to feed our bodies, whatever we can find, such as potato chips & various other sources of junk food that wreak havoc on our skin & our bodies. Then, when we have gained about 20 pounds or more we become depressed and angry, which causes our energy to get out of whack thus, causing us to become emotionally unstable and develop an insatiable need for love and validation.  But because other people in our lives are so busy living their lives, thus, being to busy to provide us the validation that we need so much.  So now we are frustrated because we feel unloved.  So, we begin to seek ways to validate ourselves.  We may drink more alcohol which damages our body by weakening our livers & our kidneys.  Some say the state of your liver manifests in the skin, so we must keep this organ strong by feeding our bodies lots of leafy greens and drinking lots of water to keep it hydrate and to hydrate our skin as well.  If not, our skin will manifest acne, an uneven skin tone, sallowness, wrinkles and other undesirable skin ailments.  We need to remained centered in our bodies, in our spirit and not just in our homes.


Green Beauty

Using Moon Luv bath soaks, body polishes & bath & body oils are some of the best ways to do that. Because, here at Moon Luv, we search globally for the most exquisite raw ingredients to add to our beauty products.  We employ some of the finest super beauty rituals sourced everywhere from Brazil to Africa; from the United States to Tahiti. We have found that women from all over the world have different natural beauty rituals that they employ to keep their skin looking beautiful and radiant. We use raw ingredients such as cold pressed oils, floral essences, essential oils, nuts, seeds and various other plant essences and leave out the over drying alcohols.  Without the drying alcohols, our products are able to heal and help to remineralize your skin.  Thus, giving your skin what it needs to retain & enhance your skin's elastic, youthful & beautiful suppleness.


Use of Crystals

 Another aspect that makes Moon Luv  bath are products so special is our various use of crystals.  We use crystals to help to clear any unwanted, stale or stagnated energy from your body & to usher in a lighter more positive balancing energy.

Among our products sets you will find a different  featured crystal.  Each crystal that we use holds a different kind of energy and will affect your body in different ways; and your skin in different ways.  For an example, our  Hibiscus Coconut Monoi Series features Rose Quartz which is a love stone. So while using the bath soak & body polish in this set you will bring the energy of real "authentic" love into your life.  Rose Quartz is said to bring whatever aspect of love that you may be lacking at the time.  No matter if you are lacking self love, love for others, forgiveness etc.  Rose Quartz is also known as the stone of beauty & is known to make your body appear sexier to others and make your skin appear lovelier to others as well as to yourself.  

 Lastly, as we mentioned before, all of our products are cruelty-free.  We do not use ingredients from any company that tests on animals.  We believe that if a product must be tested on an animal in order to determine whether or not it is safe for human use, then maybe the human the humans shouldn't be using that product.  Maybe, just maybe, there are too many chemicals in that product.  Those are chemicals that are,eventually, going to do more harm than good.  

Those are chemicals that we, at Moon Luv, consider not worth incorporating into our products.  We take our customers' body health and skin health very seriously and we feel that we have a social responsibility to not contribute to the detriment of any other being on this planet.

 Remembera woman's beauty comes directly from her confidence & smile. The best way to stay confident & happy is to feel your best and look your best. We at Moon Luv, feel as though we, women need to get in touch & stay in touch with our inner feminine mystique.