Covid-19 Regulations

We are dedicated to making sure our staff members are safe. So we take extra precautionary sanitizing & social distancing measures to ensure that our team can stay healthy. We also gave an obligation to our customers to wipe down every body care product before shipping for an extra element of protection to help you all stay safe.

Daily Covid-19 Measures:

  • Each employee is required to wear a mask.
  • Each work station is regularly sanitized.
  • There are multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the work areas.
  • Those who can complete their work from home; do.
  • Those who come in to help with production are provided wiith more than 20ft. of personal space.   
  • Any employee that feels tired or sick is encouraged to stay home & rejuvenate.
  • We ensure that each of our employees are safe by the checking of their temperatures as they walk through the door.  
  • Any employee displaying symptoms will be required to "rejuvenate" for two weeks or until they produce a Covid free test.